Quezon province, a new mining prospect of foreign companies.

Earlier, an alumni of UPLB shared news about 2 cities or municipalities (I am not sure) are new prospects for gold mining after some scientist discovered that it is actually a rich source of gold, even more than what Palawan has. So now, a lot, and we are not exaggerating the fact that there are thousands of military units in the whole province that have been placed there to prevent any uprising by the farmers who might lose the lands they rely on for their livelihood. 

The main point of this news is for us to help in the campaign for the investigation of this event. If you hear of any signature campaigns for this, please do sign. I may not be from Quezon province but I think it is really important that we save this land from mining, especially from foregin countries. 

P.S: I am not sure with all the information I have said here I just based it from what I’ve understand from the Kuya who shared it. And I just want you guys to see the point and to ask for you to support. :) 

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